Residential Expertise

Our expertise is troubleshooting residential electrical problems. Problems with your service, the main service line, your wiring connections; can cause a flux in power resulting in damage to the service or your home or even injury to those in your home. Georgia requires homes and businesses to be wired according to The National Electrical Code. This requirement provides the minimum wiring requirements to ensure not only properly wired structures but also safety for those who use it.
It is with great pride that we not only meet but often exceed the requirements set forth by the NEC. Every year we meet with other electricians and instructors to learn new requirements and to remain up to date with technology.
Some of the services we offer to homeowners are custom lighting, new home wiring, repair home wiring, fire repair, troubleshooting, panel change outs, service upgrades, artwork lighting, under counter lighting, basement finishing, and meter replacement.
After 28 years in Atlanta we have seen it grow from a medium metropolitan city to a major metropolitan city. We have seen wiring trends change from simple 3 bedroom 1 bath homes with just the basics to mansions that have smart wiring and remote operated systems.
Whatever your electrical need is we have a solution for it. Call now for a free estimate 678-776-9646.